The Really Small Science Group is made up of researchers and students from the University of Strathclyde. We specialise in all things small and regularly deliver workshops to local schools and clubs.

















































The group is based in the Chemical and Process Engineering Department at Strathclyde and is led by Dr Mark Haw, Dr Joy Leckie and Dr Suzanne McEndoo. Members of the group include staff, researchers and students from the Engineering and Science faculties.


Our aim is to make nano-research more accessible and fun for children and adults through interactive, hands-on experiments.


Nano-science is the study of really small things. A nanometre is 1 billionth of a metre, which means you can fit a billion nanometres (1, 000, 000, 000 nm) side by side along the length of a metre stick.  Nano-sized things are so small that we can’t see them with our eyes instead we need powerful magnification to see them.


Everything around us is made up of lots and lots of nano-building blocks. Even our own bodies are made from nano-sized biological molecules. Although we can’t see an individual nano-thing, lots of nano-building blocks can build up to make bigger structures that we can see.


Scientists and engineers research lots of different nano-things for many different reasons from making nanojelly to repair the body, to helping clean dirty water using nanosponges.

The children really enjoyed the event and loved the nano activities provided by the team, they enjoyed having a hands-on experience which kept the pupils engaged with the activity. They still talk about the workshops the team provided in February and we will hopefully work with the team again next session.

Antonine Primary School

The children had a super day and were recalling and sharing the complete event today at assembly. They were delighted with their prizes. We very much value the input you offered us this session and look forward to working with you again in the future.

St. Marnock's Primary School

All staff who visited were very friendly and very enthusiastic.

Gowdie Club

This was a very well organised event with great interactive activities for the children. I felt the balloon activity was an excellent way to demonstrate molecular energy. Thank you to all for their hard work, our children had a fantastic day.

Dunoon Primary School

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